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Hedef Isı

Hedef Isı
Based in İstanbul since 1997,
It is a bussines that supplies for air conditioning and mechanical installation needs.

We are proud to be serve you and be your solution partner with 12.000 m² storage area, more than 8.000 wide range of products and vairities.
We serve you with our main dealership and suppliers with many brands that leading the industry.
We as Hedef Isı continue to serve you with the excitement of the first day with the principle of “Quality, Time, Cost and Trust”.


Price Advantage

You can find the most advantageous prices and payment terms for air condtioning products at Hedef Isı. We directly reflect our price advantages, which we have gained through our financial power and high sales figures, to our business partners with the win win princible.

Express Deliver

The products that you request from Hedef Isı are delivered with the awareness of the value of time and the principle of delivering in the fast way. If you wish, you can take delivery immediately from our warehouses.

Wide Range of Product

You can find all the products of the Mechanical Installation sector at Hedef Isı. We provide service with more than 10 thousand product options of the brands that we dealer and supply. You can supply the brand or model you need from our warehouses as soon as possible.

Different Payment Options

In our company, we provide all kinds of convenience for you with wide payment options. In addition to cash payments, we also enable you to make purchases with a credit card payment method.

Hedef Isı offers special solutions for all areas of use.

Residences, factories, hospitals, shopping malls with all brands and products that we are dealers, in short, we offer speacial solutions suitable for all usage areas, all kinds of installation materials and equipment that needs.

Heating Group

Combi Boilers
Heat Pumps
Radiant Floor Heating
Air Conditioning

Pump and Water Booster Pump

Circulation Pumps
Sewage and Drainage Pumps
Water Booster Systems
Building Automation Systems

Valve Group

Balance Valve
Ball Valve
Gate Valve
Butterfly Valve
Expansion Joints

Fire Fighting System

Butterfly Valve With Supervisory Switch
Flow Switch
Booster Systems For Fire Fighting
Fire Hose Cabinet

Plastic Group

Silent and Fireproof PVC
PPRC Pipe and Fittings
PVC Pipe and Fittings
Substructure and Fittings

Pipe Group

Natural Gaz Pipes
Polyethylene Pipe for Natural Gas
Fire Fighting Pipe
Galvanized Water Pipe
Black Pipe

Plumping Fittings and Control Group

Fittings Materials
Welded Materials
Pipe Clamps
Insulation Materials

Solution Partners

All products that we sell known for their qualify in the industry,
They are brands that have qualified range to meet customer expectations.


Trakya Döküm Installation

Pipe As Art

Eca Calora Premix Combi

Duyar Vana Fire Fighting Animation