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Hedef Isı;
Established in 1997, based in İstanbul, it is a business operating with the aim of meeting your air conditioning and mechanical material needs.



Hedef Isı;
It has adopted the vision of being a preferred brand that always follows the innovations brought by technology and create an added values by offering these innovations to its customers, keeping corporateness and customer satisfaction in the first place.


Our Values

As an institution, Hedef Isı is aware that is comitted to being respected and reliable, protecting its earned values and not forgetting for a moment its high sense of responsiblility towards the public. For this reason, it has sincerely adopted the slogan of "Quality in Service" and has always aimed to be Pioneer and Pioneer in this regard.

  • Honesty
    Always be honest with the government, customers, stakeholders, personnel and partners in all its activities.
  • Nature Conscious
    To take care of protecting the nature in all its activities.
  • Take Care of the Employees
    To maintain the internal social balance in all circumstances.
  • Customer Priority
    Fulfilling customer requests first.
  • Quality in all Conditions
    Always keeping quality at the forefront, always providing better service even if the customer is satisfied and satisfied with what is given.

Participative Management
Ensuring the participation of employees in decision making processes.